The equipment works on Microwave Technology. In the HF waste disinfection device MEDISTER 160, heat is produced within the humid waste by means of high frequency energy (microwaves with a frequency of 2450 +/- 50MHz). Microwave are electromagnetic waves that enter into or penetrate materials. When exposed to microwave energy, all dipole molecules of a mass are put to vibration. The friction of the vibrating molecules produces heat which safely disinfects even fatty (ointments, pastes, etc.) and aluminous substances (blood, pus, serum, etc.) liquids in closed containers, used dialyzers, tubing, syringes, needles, blood bags, plastic disposals, catheters, metallic parts and many more.

A specially patented technology ensures the following :

  • No damage to the device even if the waste contains METALS
  • Uniform heat throughout the waste (no “Cold Spots”)

Through special arrangement for entry of microwaves into the treatment chamber, the waste is uniformly heated up to 97o- 100oC, Continuous turning of the waste material during the complete disinfection cycle assists this uniform heating.

Maintaining the boiling temperature in the waste for a minimum of 25 minutes ensures that the all microorganisms of the resistance levels I and II are killed including :

  • All viruses (Hepatitis, AIDS, Polio etc.)
  • All vegetative germs (E.coli, staphlococcus, streptococcus, mycobacterium, tuberculosis, anthrax germs and bacillus tetani, and others)
  • All spores of the anthrax germ
  • All parasites, fungi etc.

The device meets the requirements of the Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1998.

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