The company believes that Human Resources are its most valuable assets towards the realization of its Vision. In keeping with this belief, it has garnered professionally competent and highly experienced people for all facets of its operations. The management and operations of the company are steered by people, technically and professionally qualified in their respective fields such as Business Administration, Bio-Technology, Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering .

The company realizes that Human Resources need to be continually nurtured to achieve excellence in all the areas of operations, since excellence is never static. This realization has been propelling the organization to constantly review its HR policies to be PEOPLE-FOCUSED, thereby infusing initiatives for maintaining a high morale and dedication through :

  • Providing a pro-active work environment.
  • Providing opportunities for sharpening and updating the skills by :
    1. Sponsorship to Management & Executive Development programmes at Professional Institutes.
    2. In-house on-the-job refresher programmes.
  • Knowledge Management Exercises.
  • Core Competence Development Programmes.
  • 360 Degree Performance Evaluation System.
  • Performance and Market driven Reward and Compensation structure.
  • Open-ended career growth policy.