Syringe needles are the most potential source for transmission of diseases. It is estimated that the total number of syringes and needles in the market are approx. 2-3 times the total quantity produced in India. Therefore, it is advisable to destroy the needle "at-site" of use. The needle destroyer cum syringe cutter offered by us can take care of this problem.

Needles are dangerous as they can easily prick and infect any hospital personnel handling the infected/ used needles or syringes.

These problems can be eliminated with the use of a Needle Destroyer. Needles are melted in only 1-2 seconds and are no longer an infectious waste. It eliminates the possibility of contracting germs from an infected needle, and the process of disposal is greatly simplified, perfectly safe and economical.

The product is a compact electrical needle destroyer, consisting of a needle destroyer and syringe cutter along with a waste needle collection box for automatic collection of needle melts. Unlike other needle cutters, which cut needles into three parts and produce three sharpnels, our system completely melts a needle.

Product Features

  • Single unit performing needle destruction & syringe cutting function
  • Each needle is completely destroyed in only 1-2 seconds
  • Low power consumption
  • Rust proof powder coated steel body
  • Simple operation
  • Hardened, detachable steel blade to cut plastic syringes easily
  • Compact size
  • Easy, safe and economical to use.
  • Mini size suiting all locations
  • Portable and light in weight
  • On/Off switch with indicator lamp

Technical Specification

1. Power Source 230V Single Phase 50Hz AC
2. Material Rust proof power coated CRCA sheet
3. Temperature 1200oC
4. Capacity 1800 needles/hour
5. Energy Consumption 1KWh for 36000 needles
6. Collection of Waste Automatic collection in collection box (in-built)
7. Weight 2.5Kg(s)
8. Material of Cutter Special hardened steel

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